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Healthcare innovation
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When you volunteer to take part in a clinical trial, you're not only helping others by assisting researchers in discovering more about a new treatment, but you may also find out more about your own health.

What is a clinical trial?

See how researchers go from an idea to an innovation.

Participant experience

Find out more about clinical trials and what it may be like to participate.

Completed clinical trials

Novo Nordisk is committed to sharing information about clinical studies.

Did you know?

NN Trials

More than 48,000 people participate in a Novo Nordisk clinical trial each year.

NN Trials

Novo Nordisk clinical trials are conducted at more than 6,100 trial sites.

NN Trials

There are more than 60 countries around the world that host Novo Nordisk clinical trials.

NN Trials

At any given time, there may be more than 158 active Novo Nordisk clinical trials.

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